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Vortex Extream Siding

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When the weather turns ugly, Vortex Extreme performs beautifully. High winds can strike anywhere, in all kinds of storms, with powerful gusts that pull at your siding and threaten your home’s exterior. With Variform Vortex Extreme vinyl siding, we’ve engineered a panel designed to fight these threats effectively. Designed in Tornado Alley, Vortex Extreme withstands wind loads up to 225 mph. It’s the result of what we call “Weather Warrior” Technology – a combination of innovative design, quality materials and a standard of excellence second to none. Vortex Extreme not only performs beautifully, it is available in a wide variety of colors allowing you to make your own unique statement.

This siding commonly has 10 Premium Exterior Color(s) Available

14 Exterior Color(s) Available


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